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Crazy Horse 3

Crazy Horse 3


Product Description

As you might guess from the name, Crazy Horse III is the third iteration of Vegas’s storied Crazy Horse club. The name has a long tradition and not all of the associations it carries are positive ones. This latest incarnation of the venue is owned and operated by an entirely new group of people, though, and it shares only its names with the previous versions of the Crazy Horse.

As Vegas’s second largest club by square footage (only Sapphire is larger), Crazy Horse III definitely qualifies as a mega club. On a busy weekend night, the club will be playing host to anywhere between 200 and 300 entertainers. The sheer selection of dancers and the variety of different shows available can be quite staggering. No guest is going to be without something (and someone!) to pay attention to; every possible personality, figure, and ethnicity is well represented.

Crazy Horse III is coated in endless mirrors and lit primarily in red; this makes the already cavernous space seem even larger when you enter. Opposite the main stage, you’ll find a massive bar that seems to go on forever. When the club gets busy, there’s a secondary room located on the southern end of the club which features a stage of its own and elevated seating. Having both spaces operational effectively doubles the size of the main room.

The variety of different elevated VIP seating options available in the main room sets Crazy Horse III apart from most of its competition. Note that this category doesn’t include private booths; these are simply areas set aside for private bottle service that offer the very best views of the stages. VIP dances are handled separately in one of the club’s three private VIP areas, each of which offers plenty of individual rooms.

Besides the facilities and entertainers, Crazy Horse III also boasts one of Vegas’s most talented DJs. The mic is always open and the patter is memorable. Come by Crazy Horse III for an unforgettable night of fun the next time you hit Las Vegas!


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