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Chinatown Plaza

Chinatown Plaza


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There is one city in the whole world that stands out for numerous reasons. Las Vegas is a wonderful oasis in the middle of the desert. Temperatures in the Vegas Valley can climb some way above a hundred degrees during the summer months, but there are plenty of places to keep cool. Mainly the hotel casinos, most of which are theme based, and have fantastic pool areas. Of course, gambling is what most people visit the city for, but there are also other places worth visiting while there. Chinatown Las Vegas is one of them.

The Chinatown area is located in Spring Valley, along Spring Mountain Road. There is a lot of local and Chinese business, with plenty of shops and restaurants for the avid tourist to enjoy. The area has grown rapidly over the years. Originally the location used to be referred to as Chinatown Plaza. There is a lot of history associated with the Chinese in Las Vegas, and they make up a good percentage of the workforce in the city.

Even though the large hotels on the strip has a lot to offer the tourist when they are hungry, the cost of it can be high. A buffet lunch can be expensive, especially when an Asian buffet in Chinatown can be half the cost, and in some cases less, depending on the hotel comparing it with. When it comes to a family, or a group of people, the savings can soon add up to a decent amount.

With so many Asian restaurants to pick from, it can be difficult deciding on the best. Below are what are considered to be the best three.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish is renowned by the locals for its wonderful flavors and meals on offer when it comes to crawfish. They sell all kinds of seafood, and the freshly cooked crab and lobster is worth the visit. The food is made to order, and it is up to the visitor to decide how spicy they want it to be.

Monta Ramen is always full of Japanese locals and tourists. It is the place to go for decent ramen within the Vegas valley. The broth is made from boiled pork bones and soy source, and is in the style of Kurume. They also offer belly pork, fried rice, and many other meals. Prices here are very affordable.

When it comes to what everyone considers to be traditional Chinese, then the destination has to be Joyful House Chinese Cuisine. It was voted the best Chinese restaurant in 2014 in the Vegas Valley, and still maintains high standards. All the well-known Chinese food is on offer here, such as Kung pao chicken, Yang Chow and Chow Mein. A lot of fresh seafood can also be purchased here.

Visiting Las Vegas does not just have to be about visiting the casinoís. The surrounding areas in the valley have much to offer the tourist. If the locals use a restaurant, then it is obviously a good one.


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