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Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

Circus Circus Hotel & Casino


Product Description

Circus Circus is known for being one of the biggest and most child friendly hotels in all of Las Vegas. This is a lodging option that has a fun, big top attitude, including an indoor amusement park and plenty of aspects that are going to spark your interest. As a part of the famous MGM Grand hotel group, this is one resort option that can be a great deal of fun for your family and visitors of all ages who want to have a memorable experience while visiting Las Vegas. Not only is this hotel wonderful for families with children, but it holds the title as being one of the largest hotels in the entire word. If you are going to be heading to Las Vegas with your entire family, this is an option that includes an indoor amusement park spanning five acres and dozens of amazing attractions and rides. When the spring, summer and fall tends to see high temperatures, the atmosphere inside the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus is climate controlled to keep it nice and cool for everyone to enjoy. Just a few of the amazing rides that you will find on site include the Inverter, Canyon Blaster, Rim Runner, Chaos, Sling Shot, and many others that will help to keep your family busy all day long. While you are riding on the Canyon Blaster, you have a chance of seeing a lot of the different points of interest that are located all over Las Vegas Boulevard.


If you want somewhere to stay that is affordable for the family, the hotel at Circus Circus is known for being the best value on the entire strip. This is a hotel that is invitingly decorated and centrally located, with nearly 4,000 wonderfully appointed rooms that offer all of the convenience and comfort that you could ask for when you are on vacation.


Are you hoping to take in some great shopping adventures or even enjoy a round of golf before heading out on the town? If so, you will find that Circus Circus has everything that you need all in one convenient location. There are plenty of shops, large pools, and a spa and hair salon where you can spend a lot of time during your stay.


No resort in Las Vegas is complete without some of the best dining options in the world. Circus Circus actually has eight different dining options that are sure to satisfy your tastes and huger. Steak, seafood, pizza, burgers, coffee, pastries, lounges and more are all waiting for you at this amazing resort. When you are ready to book your stay at Circus Circus, take the time to select your room and get ready for adventures with your entire family. This is the best way to really stay and play while still being able to have plenty of money leftover from your vacation to take your chances in the casino to see if you can win big!


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