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Las Vegas Museums That You Should Visit

Las Vegas Museums That You Should Visit

When people think of Las Vegas, they are typically focused on the many different casinos and fun filled activities that they can do with family and friends. Although it is geared for adults, some of the shows that you can see, and events that are occurring, can also be enjoyed by children. If you are bringing your kids to Las Vegas, it can actually be an educational experience that they will enjoy. Aside from the glitz and glamour of the casinos, there are many museums that are spread out through Las Vegas that are of great interest. Las Vegas has come a long way since the 1960s and 1970s where the mob was said to rule the city. That is a nice segue into the very first museum that you should visit once you arrive in Vegas.

The Mob Museum

Although its official name is the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, it is known worldwide as the Mob Museum. It is a destination that you can buy tickets for, go on a tour, and learn all about the influence of the mob in this city. There are special events that are often presented for people that are coming into Vegas that may have never been here before. It will present the true stories of the influence of the mob, and the influential characters that were discussed in history. It will go over the famous G-Men and mobsters that were well known. Once you are done there, there is a Museum which is more like an exhibition on one of the more interesting things in American history. It will teach you about the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Although this would seem to be an attraction that would be better suited for the East Coast from where the Titanic departed, this is something that fits perfectly at the pyramid-shaped Luxor. This is actually one of the most unique casinos in the entire city, and within it, you will get to see this unique depiction of the Titanic on how it was before it sank. This is actually a very large area, consisting of 25,000 ft.², featuring many of the items that were on the Titanic. Some of these were recovered to an 1/2 miles under the ocean, and there will be plenty of information talking about its origins, all the way until the time that it sank.

The Neon Museum

This museum is a repository of many of the famous and iconic signs that have been used in Las Vegas over the years. It was founded back in the 1990s, dedicated to preserving and collecting signs that have been used in the city for educational and historical purposes. There is an outdoor exhibition area where people can see unique items, and additional places where people can actually hold special events and get married. There is an hour long guided tour which is the only way that you can see all of these unique artifacts that come from the brash history of the city of Las Vegas.

Shelby American Inc.

If you are into classic cars, you can take these free tours that are available at the Shelby American Inc. location. It is a place that you will get to be up and close with some of these astounding vehicles that are collectors items for many people. These are vehicles that you typically do not see driving down the road, and if you are a connoisseur of seeing sports vehicles that have changed the landscape of how we build sports cars, you will definitely enjoy the tour that will be provided which is available seven days a week for people that would like to see these incredible cars.

Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah

One of the most iconic entertainers in the history of Las Vegas, if not the world, is a man by the name of Wayne Newton. You can get a tour of this mansion that has not only artifacts, but also exotic animals. There is a guided tour which will take you through the place and explain each and every aspect of this unique location. Although he is still alive, he is recognized as one of the best entertainers and was actually nicknamed Mr. Las Vegas.

Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

This is a location where you can see some incredible fine art that is not available anywhere else in the world. It is a location that works directly with some of the most compelling artists of our time. They will have unique displays such as the Muhammed Ali exhibition which will discuss his iconic rise to fame and notoriety. There are not only group tours, but also private tours, that will allow you to see incredible artwork, photographs and footage in the world.

Discovery Children’s Museum

If you are bringing your children, and you would like to get them away from the strip, and all of the casino-based activities, you can take them to the Discovery Children’s Museum. It is also open seven days a week, and it has attractions for kids that they are absolutely going to love. There is Adventure Canyon, the Adventure Dome and and aquarium that they will enjoy. There is a Big Apple Coaster and something called the Big Shot which will take them hundred and 60 feet up in the air. There is also the bodies exhibition where they can learn about the human body and the many organs that we have. It is an educational experience, mixed with a lot of fun, that is the perfect excursion for parents that are trying to find something fun for their kids to do in Vegas.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

This private nonprofit location on Las Vegas Blvd. N. is going to astound you. You can explore ancient inventions, and look at many exhibits that are courtesy of the Smithsonian Museum. Additionally, it is a very affordable destination for families where everyone will have fun. Some of the exhibits include the treasures of Egypt where they can learn about the pharaohs of old, and also look at how prehistoric life was millions of years ago. There is also a Marine life gallery where they can learn about the ocean, and the many different fish that live in the sea. It’s a wonderful destination for people of any age that would like to see these amazing exhibits.

As you can see, Las Vegas is not just about casinos. There is actually quite a bit of culture intermixed with what some people referred to as Sin City. It’s a place where both adults and children can have a lot of fun. If you are able to spend some time at these museums and exhibits, you will definitely be able to experience the full gamut of entertainment that is provided by the city of Las Vegas for everyone.

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