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Las Vegas lives up to its reputation as an amazing vacation destination, and one that has an incredible nightlife to boot. This only makes sense considering the city’s nickname is “Sin City,” but even among dozens and dozens of incredible nightclubs there are some that stand out above and beyond. The XS Nightclub has a reputation as one of the best nightclubs out there bar none, and there are many reasons why visitors to Sin City should put the XS on their list of places to check out.

Loaded with some of the best in house bands and DJs on the West Coast, the sounds of outstanding music are a given when entering the XS. Incredible gold curtains give a royal palace feeling as soon as you walk in the door to an interior loaded with cool blues lined further with bright fluorescent colors that give an incredible depth of color and looks, just inviting people out to a truly unique looking dance floor.

This is a club that was already considered outstanding and luxurious even before a multi-million dollar redesign aimed to keep XS that far ahead of the competition trying to copy their style. This club has a variety of unique traits including lasers, a centralized DJ table, pyrotechnics, and even lasers and LEDs. This is just the inside, as well.

If you’re not looking for the dance floor or special table and lounge service indoors, XS also offers one of the finest pools in Vegas. Luxury cabanas surround the Encore pool, and occasionally an incredible pool party that goes into the wee hours of the morning while offering a unique outdoor or pool club experience.

This duality of experiences, all in luxury, all a step above and beyond even the Las Vegas standard of a great nightclub, is what makes XS nightclub truly unique.

How To Find XS

The XS Nightclub is found in the Encore section of The Wynn on the northern side of the Vegas Strip. This makes the location particularly easy to find, but it’s worth noting that the XS nightclub is only open Friday through Monday and is closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Heed The Dress Code

As you would expect, XS Nightclub has a high end dress code. Women should dress to look beautiful or sexy, and still need to keep an eye towards fashion (torn jean shorts and a ratty tank top isn’t going to do it).

For the men, pants should be very nice, and at the very least wear a nice collared shirt, if not an outright sports jacket. Sneakers or boots are a no-no, and fine shoes will be checked at the door. Go by the rule of “dress to impress.”

How Does It Compare?

The XS nightclub at Encore has been named by Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 list as the single best nightclub in all of the United States for 5 years in a row, something no other club has come close to managing. In other words, XS is a truly great place to go for the absolute best in luxury nightlife.


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