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The Features Of T-Mobile Arena That You Must Know

The sophisticated T-Mobile Arena opened in 2016, and it is every bit majestic inside and out. If you’re looking forward to watching a show in this famous arena, there are some features that you should know to get the most out of your visit. Since it is one of the most expensive stadiums in the country, exploring around will give you an amazing experience.

This state-of-the-art building was funded and built by the biggest names in the world, and they are AEG and MGM Resorts. The arena has a massive seating capacity of 20,000 and is expected to accommodate hundreds of events per year. From concerts of famous pop stars to sports events, you will never run out of reasons to see this arena.

While most stadiums don’t pay too much attention if the audience gets a good view of the show, the T-Mobile arena differs from such venues because it is constructed to allow the audience get what they paid for in the first place. Guests in the lower bowl get the advantage of adjustable seats to get the best views of any show. Meanwhile, guests in the upper section shouldn’t worry because the arena bowl is built to be steep enough and give everyone a good angle to make them feel a part of the show as well.

Stadiums that can not offer Wi-Fi connections are so outdated. Which is why the T-Mobile Arena is the best for people who always want to be updated and post everything that is happening inside the arena. The fast Wi-Fi connection and phone charging facilities make it easier for fans to browse through their social media and still have battery life after the show. These features just prove to everyone that the T-Mobile Arena is carefully built for the needs of modern fans.

Jumping up and down can be very tiring and getting yourself excited while cheering for your favorite team in the bleachers is very exhausting. But no worries because the T-Mobile Arena has a wide selection of food and drinks for guests to indulge on. The excellent menu can change from time to time depending on the taste of the guests. From cocktails to duck fat frites, this arena is capable of satisfying your cravings.

Also, there is a mixologist that will be featured inside the stadium and serve guests one of a kind cocktails as they enjoy the luxury of the arena with everyone. This feature takes the quality of the T-Mobile Arena especially since guests love to have great drinks for great events and shows.

If you want to have a quick party before watching the show, there is a nightclub on the top floor that is called the Hyde Lounge. Partying is also free of charge if you came there for the event. Luxury areas in this arena are nothing short of elegance with its large balconies that gives their guests a stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip.

The stadium costs a whopping $375,000,000 and has the size of 16 acres. Building this giant is not easy as it took 765 days to finish it. It is easy to forget that you are in an arena because of the luxury suites equipped with beautiful kitchens for your needs. There are also 8 Premium clubs for VIP guests to avail. The grand opening of the T-Mobile Arena was truly extravagant as it served lavish dishes to attendees like artisan cheeses, ahi tuna, watermelon, and beef tenderloin. You’ll keep wishing that you are one of the participants at this event. However, you should not get yourself jealous because of the groundbreaking of the Arena on May 1, 2014, officially allowed visitors of all ages to have a one of a kind experience inside the stadium.

The various features of the T-Mobile Arena don’t just offer people the entertainment that they want, but the builders of this stadium also made sure that the people going here are always comfortable. This events place can give guests a high standard of luxury and elegance that they need. From the modern exterior design to the high-tech features inside and the variety of food available in the arena, you’ll have everything you need and more.


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