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M&M’s World Is A Must-See

The chances are good that either you are a fan of M&M’s or you happen to know one or more people who are. No matter whether this is your favorite chocolate treat to enjoy or you love a good attraction, the M&M’s World located on the Las Vegas strip happens to be something that you do not want to miss. Located next door to the beautiful MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, right on the corner of the famous strip and Tropicana Avenue, this is your chance to step right into chocolate heaven at M&M’s world where four floors of complete chocolate heaven are waiting for you.

When you get to the main floor at M&M’s World, you have a chance to browse through a nice variety of mugs, charms, clothing items, keepsakes, personalized key chains and just about anything else that you can dream up as a souvenir. You can also make your way to a kiosk on the first floor where you can make your very own customized ID tag.

On the second floor, you will find nearly two dozen colors of M&M’s, including hot pink, gray, lime green, teal and purple. From there, you will find a wealth of unique dispensers and a lot of different t-shirts that feature fun logos and catchphrases that will show off your love for this small sweet treat.

Jumping right up to the third floor, there is the first ever personalization opportunity with “My M&M’s”. You have your chance at personalizing these iconic candies with your very own messages. Fans of the M&M’s like to use this chance to put on their initials, their name, a special date, or just about any other message that is able to fit on two lines with up to eight characters on each line. This is something that is both easy and fun, only taking a couple of minutes. When it is done, you have the ability to show off and enjoy having your own piece of personalized chocolate from one of the most famous brand names in the world. On the same floor, you will also find an interactive film in 3D in the movie theater. Here, you can watch Yellow and Red as they work through a series of events in Las Vegas, which makes a great short film to entertain visitors of all ages.

On the final floor, you can take a peek at the Toyota Camry race car that is sponsored by M&M’s. This is the perfect place to stop and take some pictures or even pick up a few model cars and candy dispensers.

No matter what, this is one Las Vegas attraction that is well worth it, whether you have a sweet tooth or you are simply interested in a unique experience. M&M’s World has the ability to really bring out the kid in all of us and the chocolate lover inside you. This is a colorful, fun attraction that will leave you with plenty of incredible memories during your visit to the area.


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