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Things become extremely interesting an exciting in downtown Las Vegas on the first Friday of every month. This is due to a highly popular event known as First Friday. The crowds that arrive at this particular event often results in a great number of visitors to the Fremont Street Experience, that necessitates a number of special precautions to make sure all the guests have a fun yet safe experience on Fremont Street.

Through the summer months, the first Friday that falls on each month is regarded as a special event in regards to the Fremont Street Experience. These particular dates come with specific rules and one of these is that no person under the age of 21 will be permitted at the Fremont Street Experience from 9.00pm. The restrictions for age access ends early on Saturday morning at about 4.00am.

The First Friday events involve access gates that are put up all along the Fremont Street Experience and the people who would like to participate in the event are required to present an I.D that is valid in order to prove their age. Once the Identity Document has been approved, the guest will be issued with a wristband. This entrance offers an opportunity to take part in one of the largest block parties in the world. The wristband also allows the guests to exit and enter the event again without having to go through the process of presenting their ID’s each time. Customers who are in the casinos are also issued with a wristband when they exit the casinoís that go out onto the Fremont Street Experience.

When gaining access to the event, any bags carried by guests will be searched and a metal detector wand is also used to pick up any foreign objects such as weapons. During the times that there is a restricted access in place and a minor will need to cross over from one side of Fremont Street Experience they will need to be escorted by either the security in place for the Fremont Street Experience or by the hotel security.

At this time the SlotZilla zip line will also only be available to guests that are either 21 years of age or older. This is because the landing area falls in the age-restricted zone. Alcohol is available at this exciting event. However, all drinks sold will be issued in plastic cups opposed to aluminum cans, bottles or glass. This is due to ensuring a safe and fun event for all the guests involved.

While the restrictions in place may seem like a long list that relates to what guests are not allowed to have or do. It is just about what anyone can expect at other popular types of entertainment venues across the U.S.


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