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Dress Codes For Las Vegas Nightclubs

Dress Codes For Las Vegas Nightclubs

What Kinds Of Dress Codes Do Las Vegas Nightclubs Have?

A majority of Las Vegas Nightclubs do enforce some kind of dress code. However, fortunately, most of them are very similar. Usually girls are able to get away with just about anything where it looks like they at least tried. For guys, they need to follow more of a list of exceptions depending on the person and club.

It is fairly common for two individuals wearing the identical outfit to receive different reactions at the club’s door.

For instance: A gentleman coming in with a group of women, frequent customer, friend of the doorman, table customer or local isn’t likely to be given a hard time for coming into the club in stylish sport shoes and a t-shirt, whereas if a tourist was wearing this exact same outfit, they might be asked to find something “more appropriate” to wear.

In the end, it nearly always comes down to the discretion of the door host. Therefore, any complaining you might do will probably be in vain.

If you aren’t confident that your dress style will fall within the club’s exceptions, you should plan to play it safe and wear clothing that is a safe bet: a collared shirt, nice shoes and jeans that fit decently, or just pairing your t-shirt with a sport’s coat or nice jacket.

First Of All, What Is Not Allowed?

You are already aware that something being prohibited by the formal dress code will not always mean you won’t get in the door occasionally. Quite often, if you show up looking very stylish, many things will be overlooked. However, keep in mind there there are a few things that are never allowed by official dress codes, including the following:

Cut offs
Shoes considered to be too “sports like.”
Tennis shoes
Sports hats (one exception is that usually fedoras are fine.)
Baggy jeans

Let’s Discuss Collared Shirts

The “official” dress code might called for a collared shirt, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is necessary for you to exactly match what your friends are all wearing or look like a total dork.

Trying wearing a slim fit stylish shirt from Top Man, Express, Zara or your favorite stores that isn’t selling dress shirts still from the 1990’s.

How About T-Shirts?

It is tempting when going to a Las Vegas nightclub to just wear a stylish t-shirt, especially when you consider were out in the middle or the desert and it is often as hot as a convention oven is outdoors.

However, trying to gamble while wearing a t-shirt might mean the difference between the doorman turning you away and getting into your favorite nightclub. T-shirts are a huge no no according to a majority of official dress code for many of the major nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Does this mean you won’t ever see individuals inside a club wearing a t-shirt? No, of course it doesn’t. Dress code rules have a tendency to be bent when the doorman either knows the individual or is part of a tipping table customer group. If you don’t fit into either one of these categories, then dress up a bit just to be safe. Get creative. Wear a jacket, and then once you are inside take it off.

Is Wearing Dress Pants Necessary?

Obviously dress pants can be worn to any nightclub in Las Vegas that you want to go to. However, it isn’t always necessary for every club in town. In many places you will be perfectly fine wearing a nice pair of jeans. You also won’t look as stuffy. If you are planning on wearing dress pants, forget about khakis and go for something more trendy instead: Diesel, Zara or some other brands that are seen at Topman frequently are excellent starting points.

How About Jeans Or Denims?

At all Las Vegas clubs, jeans are totally acceptable. Just make sure your jeans have a neat appearance, since a majority of Las Vegas nightclubs don’t like rugged or torn jeans. Another thing you should avoid is wearing jeans that are really baggy. That is something that can get you reject. You will also probably be laughed at. It really isn’t a good idea at all.

How About My Shoes?

Dress and leather shoes are always a safe bet. Occasionally you can even get away wearing tennis shoes if they have a solid back and laces as long as they have a dressy enough appearance and there aren’t any big logos on them.

Do you have a pair of trendy kicks you would like to wear out. They are not allowed officially, however a majority of nightclubs in Las Vegas relax their roles on shoes as long as compensations are made in other areas of your outfit. Howe about wearing fashionable sports shoes with nice pants, jacket, tie and stylish collared shirt? It is against the rules technically speaking. However, you may be able to get away with it.

How About Hats?

If it’s considered fashionable (beret, rimmed, etc), then some clubs will alow you to come in while wearing a hat. However, most will make you leave any sports caps outside.

How About Sunglasses?

Unless you are P Diddy, have a bad case of pink eye or are blind, don’t wear sunglasses into a nightclub. Despite the fact that you might think you look great, everybody else will be laughing at you.

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