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Las Vegas Daytime Activities You Can Do

Las Vegas Daytime Activities You Can Do

Las Vegas is perhaps the most American of all vacation destinations. While some spots in the country might get more overall visitors, nowhere else in the country, much less on the planet, can you do so much gambling, dining, and seeing shows. From the sights and sounds on the Strip to art galleries downtown and wide open natural spaces throughout Nevada, Las Vegas has many memorable activities.

Many of these take place at night, as evenings can start with shows, but parties and clubs running all throughout the night. However, not everyone wants to spend their vacation fun only when the sun is down. Keep reading to learn about the top 13 Las Vegas daytime activities you can do while you are there!

Mount Charleston

Outdoor activities abound around and nearby to Las Vegas. Mount Charleston is but thirty five miles away, with lush green areas and waterfalls to help you chill out in the desert heat. The Grand Canyon is a distance away, at 250 miles east, but bus tours leave Vegas to see it, as do the faster helicopter tours. For walking and wildlife, check out Zion National Park just over two hours away.

Hoover Dam

Man-made creations are something to behold too. Hoover Dam is only a quick car drive or bus ride away, and is a Depression era engineering marvel that still stands and generates electricity. Lake Mead is not the world’s only artificially created body of water, but it is the biggest, featuring fishing, sailing, mountain biking, camping, and hiking.

Bonanza Gifts

Get something for friends back home. Take Las Vegas Boulevard up towards Sahara Avenue to find Bonanza Gifts, which might just be the world’s largest individual gift store. Enjoy the Route 66 time period atmosphere while finding some knick knacks and early Christmas shopping.


Fall into fear from the Stratosphere. This building is the highest in the state of Nevada, but unlike most buildings, it has not one but four thrill rides at the top, all of which are truly terrifying.

The Zoological-Botanical Park

Just because Vegas is in the middle of the desert does not mean there is no life there. The Zoological-Botanical Park features a mind-blowing collection of endangered species that you don’t expect to see in the southwestern United States. See snakes, apes, wallabies, and even otters. On a similar note, Mandalay Bay Shark Reef is not just a great aquarium, but among the best in the country, with a whopping thousand plus species of marine lifeforms for you to witness and be amazed by.

Double-Decker Bus

Can’t decide what to see on the Strip? Get on a bus and see it all! For under ten bucks, you get to ride on a double-decker bus all through the Strip and downtown. Tickets come for two-hour rides, a little more to get on and off all you want for a day, or a full three-day pass of unlimited rides. The Deuce as it is called is the way to get around town.

Bellagio Fountains

Two free sights you should not miss include the Bellagio Fountains and the MGM Grand Lion Habitat. The lions in the habitat are very playful and interact with each other often. The fountains of the Bellagio put on a combination show of water, music, and lights on weekend days and holidays at the top of every hour, starting at noon.


Visit a museum that’s not like other museums. Even Vegas museums are geared towards entertainment and putting on a good show. Visit the Atomic Testing Museum for a scary yet nostalgic trip back through time, learning about both the specific Nevada Test Site, but also the overall state history as a nuke proving grounds. If you are nuts for organized crime and its history, head downtown for the Mob Museum, where you can learn about how involved the Mafia was with the growth of Sin City. Play over a hundred functional machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame! Bodies the Exhibition has over two hundred preserved body parts on display.

Fall of the Atlantis Show

Check out Caesars Palace for the Fall of the Atlantis Show. It is reviewed by some as among the best shows in Vegas that you can attend for free. Catch the first one at 11 a.m. most days, with repeats every hour until closing time. It only runs around 10 minutes, but the performance is inspired by Greek mythology, with a truly Vegas combination of pyrotechnics, sound and visual effects, plus menacing creatures.


Eating three meals a day is necessary enough at home, but to truly fuel yourself through your Las Vegas adventures, you need to have the energy. Eat your heart out at any number of round the clock diners and restaurants in and around Sin City, many of which feature all you can eat buffets every minute they are open.

Spa or Sauna

Spend some time in a spa or sauna. The hotels and resorts of Las Vegas are not just premiere because of their casinos, rooms, shows, and room service. Many also have high-end spas or sauna options to help you sweat out toxins, relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself.

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

Spend a day on the History Channel. The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop of “Pawn Stars” has turned into a tourist destination in its own right. If you’re a hardcore fan, why not visit the stores of the regular experts, like an art gallery, a bookstore, or a toy store. Several Clark County Museums have also benefited from exposure on the show.

Of course on top of all this, gambling is always an option, and something that every visitor to Vegas should do at least once. Many of the major casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can possibly go lose (or make) a little money even before you have breakfast!

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