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Best Las Vegas Nightclubs On Tuesday

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs On Tuesday

While the majority of attention regarding the Las Vegas party life is spent on their casinos, there is something to be said about the nightclubs. True, the majority of the nightclubs are located within the hotel and casino venues but this is more convenient than focusing on gambling. The question is: with so much focus placed on hotels how do you know which nightclub is the best for your partying needs? Look no further! This article will act as a brief guide to some of the top Las Vegas nightclubs to visit when out on a Tuesday.

Drai’s Nightclub

The creations of nightclub owner Victor Drai, Drai’s Nightclub and Drai’s After Hours are two of the most elegant and upscale venues on the Las Vegas strip. Unfortunately, After Hours is closed on Tuesday but Drai’s Nightclub is buzzing with their EDM party. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, Drai offers a very chic area mixing the contemporary clubbing style with old-school dancing paraphernalia. A wide floor designed in the shape of a star allows the partygoers to enjoy the central dance area before heading to the points for a quick breather in the luscious lounging area. Of course, who would head to the points with the magnificent disco ball up above entrancing all those drinking the expensive champagne. Of course, the room itself isn’t the only unique feature. Up above lies a pool for those who are having a warm night overlooking a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip.

Omnia Nightclub

One of the most elaborate and over-the-top nightclubs in Las Vegas, the Omnia nightclub is the answer to Tuesday nights need for extravagance. Located in Caesars Palace, this exciting venue is one of the most recent concoctions from the MGM Grand group who brought you Hakkasan. Truly a place to behold, the Omnia nightclub has an unearthly feel almost any night of the week with its orbed ceiling boasting a beam chandelier high above a stage frequented by celebrity performers. The high balconies are raised above dance floors and side stage areas allowing for variety performances. The uniqueness of this venue makes it quite fantastical sight to behold with lots of EDM partying to be had.

The Sayers Club

While still an up-market place, The Sayers Club is one of the less manic Las Vegas haunts focusing more on music than dancing. Located next to Umami Burger on the Las Vegas strip, this calmer presents a very unpretentious atmosphere where even casual attire may be admitted, but try not to wear sneakers. A fantastic nightclub for people seeking out a night of live music while drinking with close friends, The Sayers Club is the best option for your needs. Furthermore, one of its unique features showing the true representation of city culture is the garage door entrance where you can enjoy a view of the strip with an entrance to one of the largest gift stores in the world. The Sayers Club is ideal as a pre-party night or as an anti-nightclub for the calmer individual.

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