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Best Las Vegas Nightclubs on Sunday

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs on Sunday

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. It is a constant party, 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. The question remains: where to head to for a day and night of partying? Yes, there are numerous options available; however, that is the problem – there are too many venues on offer and who knows where to begin? Fear not! This guide will assist in directing you to some of the best Las Vegas nightclubs on Sunday.

The Bank Nightclub

Sunday nights tend to be forgotten in the nightclubbing schedule; however, the Bank nightclub takes Sunday into account as one of the biggest nights to party. Located in the Bellagio hotel and casino – convenient if you happen to be staying at the Bellagio – the Bank hosts some of their wildest events on Sunday night. Known worldwide for their themed events, competitions, celebrity performances and frequent celebrity guest DJs, the Bank is one of the most popular options regarding nightlife. Of course, if you are not a fan of hip hop and top 40 then Sunday may not be your night; however, each evening has a new style and something may spark an interest. Remember, while this spacious club with elegant chandeliers and overhead balconies may be free to enter it does require reservations. The guest list can be accessed online and should be accessed early to avoid disappointment.

The Hakkasan Nightclub

This luminous nightclub, and we mean luminous due to the neon lighting across the ceiling and along the walls, is located in the renowned MGM Grand Hotel and Casino – another highly convenient option if staying at the hotel. Wide dance floor areas with secluded lounging areas along the sides and overhead balconies make this an exciting venue perfect for people to get their groove on and speak to friends. The popularity of the club has increased the appearance of celebrities over the years and Sunday nights present with celebrity DJs for an EDM night. The decor changes regularly at Hakkasan so be sure to attend regularly for something fresh. As with the Bank, Hakkasan requires prior booking to enter and signing up to a guest list should be done early to avoid disappointment.

The Beacher’s Madhouse

The Beacher’s Madhouse has been dubbed one of the most unique nightclubs in Las Vegas and is an extremely pleasant alternative to Hakkasan being placed only a few steps away in the MGM Grand. Opened by Miley Cyrus several years ago, it is no surprise that the place has several intriguing features to make sure the nights pass with a bang! In addition to celebrities frequenting the club, the Madhouse presents celebrity impersonators throughout the room; as well as having a variety show on low stages including midget wrestling and metal balancing acts. It doesn’t end there, the Madhouse also presents acrobats serving bottle packages while swinging across the ceiling. Wild parties on a wide dance floor with long couches built for watching the show make this club a fun, wild and slightly odd option on Sunday nights.

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