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Best Las Vegas Nightclubs on Saturday Night

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs on Saturday Night

Las Vegas is known as the city of lights, gambling and having fun into the wee hours of the next morning; then you get up and enjoy the party for another 15-20 hours. Of course, the casinos are popular but where does one head to if there’s a need for dancing like a mad person? Fear not, Las Vegas caters for all the partygoers on all days of the week and this article provides information on the best Las Vegas nightclubs for Saturday night.

The Chateau Nightclub

The Chateau is one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas due to its unique double-story structure. On the first story you are presented with an outstanding club area filled with a large dance floor, mood lighting, separate bar areas and chandeliers overhead. The second floor can be reached via elevator and takes you to an outdoor patio with a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip – a lovely sight when grabbing a breath of fresh air. The nightclub is located in Paris, Las Vegas a few steps away from The Sugar Factory which is perfect if you are hankering for a pre-party martini or after-club breakfast.

The Hyde Bellagio

The Hyde Bellagio nightclub is located in the Bellagio casino making it highly convenient for people staying at the Bellagio hotel. This nightclub is one of the most high-fashion and high class options available in Las Vegas and celebrities often frequent it, such as Paris Hilton who tends to DJ there. Unlike the Chateau, the Hyde Bellagio presents with a bigger lounge area than dance floor; however, there is still a great nightclub atmosphere as you view the famous Bellagio fountains. One disadvantage to this venue is the fact that there are numerous VIP tables filling the floor so it is almost impossible to take on the dance floor; the night may be spent holding drinks and enjoying conversation rather than dancing.

The Beacher’s Madhouse

Another casino-based nightclub, the Beacher’s Madhouse can be found within the confines of the MGM Grand. An exciting option if you are looking for a large dance floor with crazy party times; including midget wrestling on a show stage with people handing from the ceiling to deliver drinks in flight. Opened by Miley Cyrus, it is no surprise that celebrities frequent the Madhouse on a regular basis to get their groove on. Unfortunately, the club is not created for conversation and most areas have long couches where you can be seated but need to shout in order to speak with friends.

The Oak Nightclub

The Oak Nightclub is a world famous clubbing option known by celebrities and celebrity DJs across the globe, and they make appearances every now and then. This is a hip hop club, so be sure to enjoy hip hop if you choose to attend this option. Located in the Mirage casino it is convenient for anyone staying at the hotel; however, it is important to note that the Oak requires reservation on a guest list for entry. All sign ups can be made online and need to be completed before 8pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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